i am a passionate software engineer with an obsession for high quality, well-designed and clever software

But what does that mean? Well, let’s break it down…

a passionate software engineer

I realised I love building software when I was roughly 10 years old. I started with C and then learned object-oriented programming with java, which I used extensively to explore and sharpen my skills in low-level graphics, game development, software architecture and even some fields of maths and physics like linear algebra and digital signal processing.

Then, I fell in love with web technologies. The growing list of web APIs empower anyone to build a widening range of software applications, in a way that is accessible, free, built on open standards and collaborative.

Today, I mostly use Rust (empowerment!), TypeScript, Svelte and WebAssembly to build end-to-end web experiences leveraging modern web APIs like WebGL, Web Audio, WebSockets or WebGPU.

an obsession for high quality, well-designed and clever software

What I deeply care about is delivering value to my users. And delivering value doesn’t just involve writing code: architecture, design, research, testing, writing, communication, organization…

I care just as much about the design of a scalable backend infrastructure, as the design of a beautiful and intuitive user interface.

Does that resonate with you? Do not hesitate to reach out!